After children have already done the previous activities, they have to create a story using TU CUENTO ( ) and then publish it in the blog. To create the story, they must use the same characters of the previous activities, but they have to change the meaning of the slogan and the piece of news. Doing this task, children are using narration, according to the past and present tenses and the parts of the narration that we have explained to them before(Presentation of characters, places and time; Initial Event; Action; Outcome).

This is the final task of our activity. We hope that you have enjoyed with it and it could be helpful for you.




Once children have chosen a photo and described it, they have to chose a slogan related to the previous image that they have described. It can be from their neighborhood, classroom or from Internet. They have to draw it using DRAW ( bottom, you can see the slogan´s example.

Then, they have to use EVERNOTE (, in order to write a piece of news about the slogan that they have found. Here you can see this part of the activity:


Hello everyone!

We are three students from the bilingual group of primary education at University of Murcia and this is our blog for presenting you our final activity of #RICT1314.

We are preparing four activities for students between nine and ten years old.

This activities about the narration, are related between them because they have to use different digital platforms, which are:





Each task will be posted by our students in their own blogs that they have to create.

Our best wishes to you all.